HB 924, HB 924: Annexation Disputes

Municipal Impact
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Tom Gehl, (678) 686-6247
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Rep. Mary Oliver
District 82

This bill would expand the basis for annexation objections to include financial incentives related to an annexation. It also would expand the ability of other “affected local governments” which are reasonably expected to be financially impacted by a financial incentive to object. Other “affected local governments” includes a county, consolidated government, municipality, county or independent school system. These affected local governments would be incorporated into the various aspects of the annexation dispute process law, from receiving notification of annexation petitions to having responsibility for sharing costs of an annexation arbitration to having standing to appeal an action of an annexation dispute panel in superior court.

In addition, the bill would prevent any development authority, county, consolidated government or city from entering into a contract or agreement to provide financial incentives unless all affected local governments are given a seven day advance notice which provides details of the incentives offered. The notice would also have to provide an analysis of the project subject to receiving financial incentives, including information demonstrating that the project would not be feasible without the incentives, the specific enumeration of the specific financial incentives to be provided and an estimate of the direct impact upon each affected local government from the incentives offered.

Further, the legislation would give affected local governments standing to intervene in bond validation proceedings.

Last Updated: 1/19/2022
Subject Area: Land Use and Annexation
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1/25/2022 - Assigned To House Committee

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