HR 222, House Study Committee on Annexation

Municipal Impact
GMA Contact
Tom Gehl, (678) 686-6247
Bill Sponsor

Rep. Victor Anderson
District 10

{^youtubevideo|(width)425|(height)264|(rel)True|(url)|(fs)True|(autoplay)False^}This resolution would create a House study committee to examine the current laws for annexation, with a focus on the annexation dispute resolution process. This study committee would be comprised of five House members and conclude their work by December 2021. For any study committees related to annexation law, GMA advocates for committee representation by both GMA and ACCG. 

Last Updated: 10/19/2021
Subject Area: Land Use and Annexation
Resources: bill text
3/31/2021 - Passed House


3/31/2021 House Vote #408 Yea - 154 Nay - 0 Not Voting - 18 Excused - 8

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